a slightly revised version

"— or, at least, I was told this was appropriate for my age."

{ oh man

{ I’d like to apologize — AGAIN — for being so inactive aha orz

{ well, I failed to land a job this summer, so hopefully this blog will be a lot more active.

{ thanks for sticking around ;u;


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Anonymous said: im so happy that you got money!!! when i was in art school i was also dirt poor and my friends helped me out! i wish i had a setup to donate to you but my local bank has no debit cards or else i would (i should look into a better bank) :< , just know that im happy that you have money for food. no one should ever go hungry!

{ah! thank you ;;

{ currently though everything’s going to printing, and what is left over is likely to be sent to a couple of my other friends in need. Because you’re right — no one should ever have to go hungry, or homeless.

s-p-a-n said: Aaah, you're going to Anime Next? Do you have a table? Man, I should really bring my AC Ask blog back to life!

!!! sorry I’m going to Anime North ;; all these cons and their identical alphabetisms

though hopefully I will be going stateside for cons sometime in the next two to three years? assuming I live that long haha //shot

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{ I’m so confused I thought that was an ask for my main ;;

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Anonymous said: Hey, so I saw your adorable little attack on titan peeps and was wondering if they were purchasable stickers or if you could somehow set that up? If not, I also found that the rest of your art is wonderful and will probably be purchasing soon! You're wonderful and awesome! Thanks! <3

Hello, anon!

They’re actually keychains — I don’t have plans to sell them as stickers yet { maybe? I’m mostly not sure how stickers work yet because I’m thinking of stuff that you can just peel off the page easily like commercially sold stickers and idk if that’s possible? } but after AN, I do plan on selling some of the leftovers through my storenvy.

—I believe I gave the lot to Leonardo.

//blows dust off inbox

//kicks it open

alright let’s get some asks answered

Anonymous said: are you alive D:

{ hello!

{ I’m afraid I’ve been busy, very busy. I’m really sorry that I haven’t updated this blog in a while. Volpe is still around and will be. //shotdead

{ So sorry ;_;

{ -JF