—I believe I gave the lot to Leonardo.

//blows dust off inbox

//kicks it open

alright let’s get some asks answered

Anonymous said: are you alive D:

{ hello!

{ I’m afraid I’ve been busy, very busy. I’m really sorry that I haven’t updated this blog in a while. Volpe is still around and will be. //shotdead

{ So sorry ;_;

{ -JF

"Must have gotten hold of the good stuff."

Anonymous said: Are you still alive ?

Si, signore, but just barely. I’m afraid my mun is rather busy at the moment.

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"Nothing quite like a good nap in the sun."

Anonymous said: Welcome back!!!!! I missed you sooo much <3

Grazie, messere anonimo. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said: Because of the mochi post I was going to make some for desert as a surprise for my mom and brother. But I don't have gluten free flour :C

Hmm, see if you can get it locally? if it’s just a question of not having any on hand at the moment, well, a surprise treat is always a surprise treat and always welcome. //pats

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